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Delicious breads, toast and pastries for you to take away. Everything here is made from traditional basic recipes with only the very best ingredients - sourced as close to home as possible, from suppliers we know and trust.

There is an art to baking the finest artisan breads and our customers can see the whole process happening before their eyes. We are so proud of our authentic methods that we have designed the bakehouse to open out into the shop. Anyone who wants to can watch the whole operation from a viewing bench. From bakehouse counter to shop counter is probably the shortest journey of any bread you can buy, and it is as fresh as if you'd made it yourself.

Sourdough bread is a house speciality. With its simple recipe limited to just three ingredients - flour, salt and water – sourdough offers a delicious alternative to our variety of yeast-leavened breads. We also produce our own expertly baked Viennoiserie such as sweet brioche, croissants and other typically continental breakfast pastries.

And when you need breakfast on the go, The Bakehouse at 124’s unique Toast Bar allows you to buy a couple of slices of your favourite loaf to toast and embellish with one of our delicious toppings before continuing with your day.

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